Shinobi Gatana HANZO

Unlike almost all the Shinobi Gatana or Ninja To that you can find in the market and even in almost every gift shop in Japan, this one is not another fancy and cheap "souvenir shop's" sword.
This Shinobi Gatana HANZO is made in the famous Gifu city by the same Japanese craftsmen who make a genuine good balanced and well finished Iaito for Iaido Keiko.

A Higo blackened Fuchi Kashira, a fine gold plated Menuki Kenmakiryu (dragon winding around a sword) and selected black cotton Tsukaito which is firmly wrapped over the genuine Samegawa give an elegant touch to all the Koshirae.

The very well knowed Kakugata Tsuba (Square Tsuba) includes Udenuki, small holes that were used for threading a wrist thong to prevent dropping the sword in the battle.

The Saya is made in Hantho Maki Ishime style, first part is wrapped in Tho Maki (bamboo wrapped) and the rest is in Kuro Ishime (black mate) with the distinguishing pointed Kojiri. The Choku To Toshin (straight style blade) is Hi Iri (grooved), very rear to see in Choku To Iaito's.
  • Total length: 105 cm
  • Blade length: 66 cm
  • Blade material : reinforced zinc, aluminium alloy*
  • Tsuka (handle) length: 24 cm
  • Genuine Samegawa (ray skin).
  • Tsukamaki (wrapping): selected cotton.
  • Mekugi peg: selected bamboo.
  • Saya: selected Ho wood.
  • Sageo: selected cotton.
  • Handmade in Gifu, Japan.

The Iaito is constructed only by Japanese craftsmen in Gifu, not created by either non-Japanese labor or by mass production system: please allow us 6-7 weeks for the production.

*A zinc /aluminium alloy is not made for cutting or any action which involves any impact to another object.
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