About Us

There was a time when a special relationship, based on esteem and admiration existed between the craftsman, or sword smith, and the Bushi. None of the Katana the latter carried was simply a weapon, but rather an article inhabited by a presence that aroused a feeling of deep respect. A time when, despite their different roles, the craftsman and the warrior shared the same attitude towards the Do.

We believe that this era has survived.

We think that, whatever selection or bargain price you find on the internet, you invariably find a place where the customer is just a number, where the idea is just creating a martial art superstore characterized by suspiciously non authentic products , where the Bokuto are kept for years and just dusted off before being sent to you, regardless of their being bent or deformed.

We are convinced, instead, that there is no substitute for great service and the best quality, even though this will make our genuine works sent to you directly from JAPAN cost more and involve more time due to the attention to your individual requirements.

We think that you, with your time and your efforts spent in a Dojo learning a thousand-year tradition, deserve better care. It is a fact that a Hakama made by Japanese hands, still using traditional methods and the needed time for crafting, is more expensive than the above described.

We want to be precisely the bridge between you - your desire of touching the heart of Japan through these creations - and the craftsmen who are the last ring in a long chain that has reached us uninterrupted, like the Yamato spirit that pulsates in their hearts, pure and unspoilt.