Deluxe Traditional Shingen Pouch

It’s says that this kind of bag or pouch was used for the first time by famous Daimyo Takeda Shingen (1521-1573) on battlefield, which always was ready to die with his personal effects.

Since the Dogi or Hakama has no pockets, its very popular among Budoka and specially Sensei to carry keys, cell phone, wallet, even Katana cleaning items too!
Fully customizable from the fabric, embroidery and Genuine deerskin leather details too.
  • 6 fabric designs 
  • 12 Kamon designs 
  • 7 Embroidery colors
  • Synthetic silk cord
  • Genuine lacquered deerskin Inden leather
  • W: 19 cm / 7.4″   H: 26 cm / 10.2″
  • Features a nice cardboard box
  • Proudly made in JAPAN
Fabric Design
Same Hada
Tate Shizuku
Netsuke Accessory
No, thanks
Yes  [+¥1850 JPY]
Leather Corner Decoration
Leather Kozakura
Leather Tombo
Kamon Embroidery
No, thanks
Kamon 01
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 02
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 03
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 04
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 05
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 06
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 07
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 08
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 09
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 10
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 11
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon 12
[+¥1500 JPY]
Kamon Embroidery Color
Golden Yellow
If you are looking for another traditional Kamon, upload the image.
Leather Corner Decoration
Traditional Inden Lacquered Deerskin
Netsuke Accessory
Genuine Deer Horn
Deluxe Traditional Shingen Pouch Kamon Embroidery
Deluxe Traditional Shingen Pouch Kamon Embroidery
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