Original stitching BUKON" I-leather Bogu

We are proud to present this Yamato Budogu original and revolutionary Bogu BUKON.

Made with Genuine Aizome #8000cotton fabric, BUKON (Warrior Spirit) is a total new concept in the Sashi (stitching) featuring a perfect combination of 3 mm and 6 mm Bogu advantages offering together a singular tight and a cushioned comfort and protection.

The excellent harmony of 3mm tightness and 6mm softness.

Another advantage of BUKON is the using of I-LEATHER for all the leather parts. I-LEATHER is new developed synthetic leather which has become very popular between Kendoka and Bogu craftsmen for its special features as:
  • Breathability
  • Quicker drying than genuine deerskin
  • Antibacterial, anti-mold and anti-odor
  • Durable softness and flexibility

All these properties make this Bogu last longer, especially the Kote where we use the I- LEATHER not only inside the forearm, but also on the Tenouchi (palms).

And for last, the Uchiwa (the inside of the Men) is lined with Tet-knit, an special weaved fabric developed for the renowned Japanese company TORAY, creators of the Tetrex fabric.
This new and improved fabric has excellent breath properties and offers quicker sweat absorption.

  • Deluxe Duralumin Mengane
  • 3mm/6mm original BUKON stitching
  • Men Futon Nanamezashi (Diagonal-Stitching)
  • I-leather Kumogata decorated Menboshi
  • 5 line silk braid decoration
  • Gonbanzashi embroidery Ago
  • Toray Tet-knit Uchiwa
  • Yamato 50 bamboo look
  • Onigumo Kazari design with Gobanzashi
  • Genuine Kurozan Mune leather
  • Kaeshiberi border
  • 2 line silk braid decoration
  • Indigo I-leather Kashira (hand-knuckle)
  • 3mm/6mm original BUKON stitch
  • I-leather Kumogata decoration
  • Genuine Shikage (deer hair) filled
  • I-leather Tenouchi (palms)
  • I-leather inside the Hiji (forearm portion)
  • Single Namako
  • 7 line silk braid decoration
  • 3mm/6mm original BUKON stitching
  • I-leather Kumogata and corner edges decoration
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