Deluxe Mamorigatana Tanto

It is well known that since the old times in Japan the Katana has been considered much more than just a weapon, but as a sacred being, as Kami (God) himself that had power over evil spirits and bad luck.

By these beliefs, in the old times and even nowadays sometimes, a talisman Katana called Mamorigatana is being given to a newborn in order to attract good luck and to ward off the evil spirits.

AMamorigatana its not only for a newborn but also for adults, even nowadays is possible to see this tradition in business, when a company acquires it as a talisman for success.

The particularity of this Tanto is Musori (straight blade) and Sugu Ha (straight Hamon), these straights represent the desire and hope of having a straight life, easy to live and walk as a straight path.

The blade is made in traditional Hira Zukuri, without Shinogi or Yokote, nearly flat on both sides, with a Yakizume Boshi(no turn back tip Hamon) representing until the last detail the straight spirits of the Mamorigatana.

Hira Zukuri Blade

Such a unique Tanto can be used not only in Keiko but also it is perfect for collection.

  • Reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy blade
  • Hira Zukuri Blade
  • Elegant shaped Tsuka and Kojiri.
  • Selected Ho wood Saya
  • Total length 37.5 cm / 14.8″
  • Blade length 22.5 cm / 8.9″
  • Tsuka length 10.7 cm / 4.2″
  • Proudly Hand Made in JAPAN
Please allow us 6-8 weeks for the production.
※A zinc /aluminum alloy is not made for cutting or any action which involves any impact on another object.
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