Your time and your efforts spent in a Dojo learning a thousand-year tradition, deserve better care.

We want to be precisely the bridge between you and the craftsmen who are the last ring in a long chain that has reached us uninterrupted, like the Yamato spirit that pulsates in their hearts, pure and unspoilt.

Bleached #7000 Cotton Kendo Hakama
Our Price: ¥11,150
Bleached #7000 Cotton Kendo Hakama
Special Kanmuri Otoshi Tanto Tohmaki
Our Price: ¥51,975
Special Kanmuri Otoshi Tanto Tohmaki
Deluxe TORAY Tetrex® Tetron Iaido Hakama
Our Price: ¥8,500
Deluxe TORAY Tetrex® Tetron Hakama
Air Cushioned All Black "KAGE"
Our Price: ¥8,300
Air Cushioned All Black Jika Tabi “KAGE”

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Deluxe Striped Hanten 4
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Custom Tailored Hakama
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