Dear Budoka,

Yamato Budogu highly appreciate your kind words. We will continue to do our best to exceed your expectations and we sincerely thank you for choosing us.

Very truly yours,
Yamato Budogu

Harald Schlerith  Vienna

Like everytime I received the order in outstanding quality & in nearly no time. It took just about one week since the checkout in your great shop till I held the package in my hands. Many thanks and kind regards from Vienna, Austria
Glenn L. USA
Dear Staff, Greetings from America. I wanted to extend my very much appreciated thanks to you and your staff for helping me w/ my first purchase from your company. I had ordered the Hirozakura F/K set, Oogi menuki set, and blackened seppa.
The sets are everything I had hoped for and more, more importantly, fit my existing tsuka that is to be customized. You folks have a customer for life now, as I am going to be doing many more customizations and your parts and services are top notch in my opinion. 
Thanks again and glad to help support Japan as much as I can in the relief of your rebuiding for your country, by buying Japanese made products from Japanese companies like yours. Best Regards,
Виктория В. Russia
Дорогие сотрудники компании Yamato Budogu!
У меня не хватает слов, чтобы выразить вам свою благодарность за вашу помощь и понимание!
Ожидаем с нетерпением своего заказа.
С огромной благодарностью и низким поклоном,

Mohamed France
Hi Dear,
I just received the shuriken. This is simply outstanding. Thank you very much. Please tell the craftsman he did a really impressive job.
Best regards from Paris,
Nick B. USA
After a good month of solid training, I feel now I can accurately give thanks on my most recent purchases from Yamato Budogu.
Thank you for going to the trouble of recommending me a hakama and helping select a dogi of an appropriate size!  The dogi fits perfectly, looks and feels amazing, and is the best purchase I could have made for summer training.  The iaido hakama, too, is light-weight, low-maintenance, and shows not even a wrinkle nor hint of losing its pleats.
My fiancée is also very happy with the cheap dogi I got her.  Yamato Budogu continues to impress us more and more with every order.  Thank you, again!
Shannon C. Australia
Dear Yamato Budogu, I would like to thank you for your amazing Bokuto which arrived today! (Sunuke Bokuto and a Red Oak Suburi). The Sunuke Bokuto is very beautiful and I must commend you on your workmanship. I am very proud of it and will treasure it in my training. I look forward to a long relationship with Yamato Budogu and will order through you again soon. Faithfully yours,
Ettiene Trinidad & Tobago
I got the package today, thank you. I'm impressed with the quality of the bokuto almost makes me not want to use it to keep it in good condition for longer. Nevertheless, the material used to make the gi is very nice and the craftsmanship is excellent. I am happy and appreciative of your business etiquette I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Adrian G. USA
I just wanted to let you know that I got the first part of my order today - very nice quality!

Jason B. USA
Hi, received the order - everything came through fine.  The pieces are beautiful.  Awesome work.
Susanne K. Netherlands
Dear Sirs,
Last wendnesday I received the bag and it looks very nice! Thank you again for your kind cooperation and good service.
Kind regards,
Jason H. USA
Recieved my iaito, very nice quality, wish had a s bigger kissaki but I love it anyway... Thank you for your service..
Christophe P. France
Dear Yamato
i would to thank you for your fast shipping. I receved my shinai last friday 2 days before my competitions.
It was helping me so much so thanks a lot again, just for information my team finish second of the competition,
Judith P. USA
Thanks so much for my beautiful Musashi iaito. For safety, I do not like practicing with a shinken. This iaito is so well finished and presented, I do not miss using my shinken at all.
Patrick Netherlands
the shoes arrived yesterday, and i haven't taken them off since. The fit and size are perfect!They are great!
I'm going on a trip abroad for a month or so, and these will be my walking shoes, so prepare for a big order when i get back home.
Keep up your super-service, and all the best to you, the Japanese nation will rise stronger after this tragedy, like it has done before.
kind regards,

Ian E. Austria
Dear Staff at Yamato Budogu,
I just wanted to let you know, that the order has reached me a few weeks ago and that I am indeed very satisfied with the bokutos - especially the one made from Isu which was a special order.
Thank you very much!
Best regards from Vienna,

Lorenzo Holland
Dear customer service ,
Many thanks for your info and keeping me in touch about my order very appreciated and I will order
again at you when I need something and tell others about your good service and help.
Greetings from Holland ,
Alberto F. Puerto Rico
Good evening:
I wanted to let you know that the obi arrived and its all I thought it would be. The embroidery is superb and the fit is perfect.
Kevin A. New Zealand
Hi Guys,
Received the  Hakama ..Thank you very much.
All the best from New Zealand.
Michael Australia
Hello Yamato Budogu,
Just a Quick email to let you know that I recieved my package today. Very very fast delivery and well packed also lovely looking sageo.
So thank you for your sevice and will buy again from you soon.
Kind regards
Ray & Teresa W. USA
Dear Sirs,
We received the Haori today and it is lovely.  My son will be so happy and touched to receive it.  Thank you for the fantastic service.
Many Thanks,
Joe W. USA
My order was received today. I am pleased with both items. I had not expected the package to arrive so soon. Good service and fast shipping.
Thanks, Joe

Estimados amigos de Yamato,

Ayer dia 2 recibi mi primer pedido. Estoy impresionado por la altissima calidad de sus materiales, y por el amor, pasion y tradicion que le ponen en su trabajo.
Por otra parte no me queda mas que felicitarles de todo corazon por la atencion que me han prestado y trato de una calidad humana excelente. Estoy muy satisfecho de haberles encontrado y seguire comprando cositas en un futuro proximo.
Domo arigatou gosaimazu!!


Ricardo S. Chile

Estimados; Mil gracias por hacerme un hermoso iaito Bishamonten, les prometo atesorar en mi entrenamiento tan valiosa pieza, lo unico que lamento es no haber aprovechado la oportunidad para hacerle un bolso para tranporte y el obi para la practica del iaido. Muchas gracias. Atentamente,

Nick B. USA

I just picked up the order today with my new iaito.  Once I removed the sword's cloth bag, I was overwhelmed by the beauty.  No matter how many times I look at it and compare it to my other iaito, I cannot but be surprised by the quality.  Not just the quality of the fittings, but even down to the sori and most primarily, the point of balance.  This is the most influential flaw of production iaito; the point of balance is never where it should be.  This iaito, however, is as far as I can tell, perfectly balanced.

I was even impressed by the samegawa, the braided sageo, the suigyo, and the tapering of the tsuka.  It feels better in my hands than any other sword I've held, including my sensei's own katana. It was well worth the weight and I would like to extend my thanks to everyone involved in the project (especially you).  I will treat it with the same care the craftsmen did, if not better.

Barry L. B. USA

Hello Yamatobudogu; I was very happy to receive my order#2679 today! I deeply appreciate the quick 3 day shipment from Japan. I am now wearing the samue with "passionate" custom lettering you made for me with deep gratitude to your excellent quality workmanship. Please tell your staff that I am very pleased with their work. I hope to order again soon more of your products and will spread the word to my friends about your company. Best Regards & Wishes, Your Loyal Customer

Maria Jose Y. Spain

Estimados senore de Yamato,
Queria informarles de que en el dia de ayer recibi su envio en mi domicilio, significar que todo esta correctamente.
Muchisimas gracias por todo. Reciban un cordial saludo,

Christian V. J. Ecuador

Senores Yamato,
Mi pedido ha llegado existosamente, realmente muy agradecido un excelente trabajo en mi IAITO , continuare siendo un fiel seguidor de sus productos, ademas de recomendar su empresa por su excelente trato comercial, hasta una nueva oportunidad me despido, no sin antes aprovechar para hacer una muy pequena invitacion para que America Latina pueda al igual que yo tener mas cerca sus productos, quiza pensando en tener una linea mas directa con nosotros.

Michael Germany

Dear Team of Yamato Budogu, I have very recently had the great honor of experiencing that your good reputation is well - deserved; although the Iaito (Minosaka Jidai Koshirae) I ordered from you is one of a lower price category, it´s quality is amazing. I enjoy every moment of training with this piece of art! Thank you very much again, With humble greetings from Berlin,

Gabriela P. S. Ecuador

Hoy he retirado del correo el pedido completo. Tanto el Iaito como la hakama y los accesorios, me gustaron mucho.
Les agradezco mucho el gran trabajo que han hecho. Y espero que esta sea la primera de muchas compras en su pagina. Gracias nuevamente. Att.

Adrian G. Spain

Estimado/a senor/a, mi pedido (White oak jo) ha llegado bien y perfectamente. Muchas gracias por sus servicios. Atentamente

Aristya M. New Zealand

I've received the iaito and I'm very pleased with it, it's very beautiful and elegant. Thank you again for the wonderful service!
Fabian A. Switzerland

Dear yamato budogu team
it is hard to find words for that what you have done for me.
thank you very, very much for that special edition from soke otsuka yasuyuki sensei. incredible! you don't know what that meant to me! at that point i have also to thank soke otsuka for his nice effort.
he is one of my favorite master in case of shuriken jutsu. and also a special thanks to the craftman for his excllent solid works.
again i have to say thank you yamato budogu team.
with many thanks
Angelo S.  Portugal

Hello. Let me begin by saying I am extremely pleased with your service. Politeness and quality like yours is generally much harder to find and generally more expensive.
Fabian A. Switzerland

Dear Yamato Budogu Team
Thank you very much for your fast answer and your nice word's. Thank you again for your patience, help and for your existence!
Your shop is definitively the best in the world wide web!
Best regards and have a nice day
Ruel A. Philippines

Hello! :)
I received my order yesterday, July 26, 2010.
Thank you so much! I appreciate the prompt response and on-schedule delivery! :)
Definitely, I will be buying from your store again in the near future.
Best regards,
Ingolf M. B. Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Customer Service,
Samue order has arrived today: all is wonderful and fits very well, also name translation seems very good too. Thank you very much for packing, sending and all efforts.
Kindest regards from Germany,
Corwyn M.  USA

My iaito arrived at my mother's house on Friday, and I opened the package when I arrived here Saturday night.  It's beautiful!  Thank you very much!
I will definitely be ordering from Yamato Budogu again.  I already have a few things in my wishlist when I have the money to buy them!
Thank you again, and have a great weekend.
Igor A P. USA

I love you, guys :)
Will remain loyal customer forever and ever!
Thank you very much for the splendid katana bag and the best customer service  I've ever experienced!
I'm so happy now :)
Kind regards
Martin M.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my iaito today.  It is absolutely beautiful and I very much look forward to training with it.  It was made exactly as I ordered, and again I thank you for ensuring that everything was correct before shipping.
Again, this iaito is very beautifully made, and I appreciate the care and attention that was put into it.  If possible, I would appreciate it if you would pass that along to the craftsmen who made it.
I appreciate your integrity.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you;
Giorgio M. D. Italy

Dear Sirs.
This morning I have received the iaito without any particular problems. :)
I think it is a very good product, because of the light weight, the balance and the quite good attention for details. Definitly, I like it.
Thank you very much for all.
Best regards from Italy,
Johnny D. D.

I want to thank you for your great service, i wasn't really counting on getting new sageo, but lucky for me, everyday life heroes still exists, so thank you very very much.
Looking forward to buying from you again soon.
Have a nice weekend.
Luis Miguel.A. Spain

I want to communicate you the packet has been received in my address without problems, products are in perfect status.
Thank you very much for your quick delivery.
Best regards from Spain.
Ivan L. V. Spain

Hola de nuevo,
Muchisimas gracias, el set de bokuto ha llegado perfectamente.
Como siempre con una gran calidad.
Sung Nam K.

Thank you a whole lot.
I was astonished with your prompt action and customer friendly mind set.
hope Yamato keep going better off forever.
Warmest regards,
Marcelo A. R.

Yamato Budogu
Les informo que hoy 03 de Febrero, recibi los productos en optimas condiciones, quiero agradecer por la atencion y calidad de los productos que ofrecen.
Gracias. Atentamente,
Terence S.

Hello, I received my iaito today and I am there very satisfy, it is exactly as I hoped for it. I would speak about you to my friends and I wish to thank all those who worked on its conception.
Domo arigato gozaimashita !
Luis Miguel T. R. Spain

Estoy muy agradecido con ustedes tanto por la calidad de sus productos como por la cortesia con la que han contestado a mis mensajes. Encargue unos Deluxe Aikido Obi Black (#2100) y ayer mismo recibi el paquete. La calidad es excelente, y ademas, el trato que he recibido por su parte ha sido excepcional. Contare con sus productos la proxima vez que tenga que comprar algun articulo. Un saludo.
Andrea P. Italy

hi, this mail just to thank you for your kindness...
today i went to the post office and get it.... it's fantastic... thanks a lot!!!
best regards

Robert  M. Scotland

Dear Yamato Budogu,
I am extremely pleased and impressed with your beautiful nunchaku craftsmanship - they are the best nunchaku I have ever had the pleasure to hold. Sunuke wood is exquisite and exceptionally hard, I am grateful and very very happy with your products, your brilliant service and your courtesy...
 I will return as a customer in the future for any martial arts equipment that I will desire, now that I am aware of the great quality of product, and the trustworthy reliable people who make up your company.
 I thank you for all of these attributes
From Robert mercer & from Scotland ~
Many thanks!
Nicolas F. France

Dear customer service representative,
Please receive my best thanks for your efficiency once more. I'm really satisfied of your services and really pleased of the yamato budogu customer service. I will recommand your web store to anyone interesting in japanese goods of excellent quality such as yours.
Let me assure you again of my deep satisfaction and sincere intention of ordering again at your excellent store.
Sincerely yours
Gustav S. Germany

Dear Yamato Budogu! Thank you very much again for sending so quickly. Both Kaku obi are excellent. I will visit you again. Best Regards Gustav
Violeta A.G Spain

Buenas tardes. Mi numero de pedido es 2045. Hoy he recibido mi iaito y solo queria daros las gracias por el envio tan rapido y por el buen trato que he recibido. Atentamente Violeta
Douglas J. USA

Konbanwa minasan, I just received my order and wanted to thank you. I will look forward to
Yamato Budogu for future Iaijutsu/clothing needs! I will also let my sensei and fellow
deshi know about Yamato Budogu Corp.
      Akemashite omedetou goziamasu!
     Domo arigatou goziamasu!
Shahar Israel

Dear Yamato Budogu
Just wanted to make one last update about your sword-
I competed with it and won 3rd place in the Israel national iaido championship with it!
VERY good sword, my sensei and sempai praise it.
Shahar Israel

Hello Yamato Budogu
I recieved the sword today and wanted to say it is of very good quality. I am very happy I purchased from you.
Thank you again,
Daniel V. France

Hello, I have just received the "do" which I had commanded to you.
It is really magnificent and I am very satisfied with the care which you brought to my order and for the quality of the work.
The size is besides impeccable.
Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas and happy new Year.
Best regards from France.

Victor P. G. Mexico

Robbi H. UK

Thank you very much indeed for the customised jo and bokuto you recently made for me - both are excellent quality and especial thanks to your fantastic customer service who spent so much time answering my questions so expertly! The package was very quickly delivered here to the UK also!
Nicolas F. France

Dear customer service representative,
I thank you very much. What a customer service plenty of efficiency you have.
I will not hesitate to say such good things about you and your store for it's the first time i met such a professional and respectful service.
Let me thank you again and believe if i say i will come back to your store as soon as i need any iaido articles.
Best regards from france
Stu K. USA

The Hasagawa canvas bag arrived today.  I will give it to my student this evening.  It is his present for the occasion of his promotion this summer to dan rank.  The quality is exceptional, and the workmanship is the best.  I'll be recommending your product to others.
Thanks for the service and the product.
Thibaut L.  France

I receive the Tabis. They are very great. Thank you very much for your all advices and your patience. Thank you to you for your very good customer service.
Googbye and see you on Yamato Budogo for the next  purchase.
Best regards
Alberto F. Puerto Rico

I wanted to inform you that the my order has arrived (1929) today and i must say that i am utterly impressed by the products. The obi as expected was a perfect size but i was most taken back by the jutte; excellent craftsmanship and superb quality. I sincerely hope to be making my future budo shopping with this company. Oss
Sharron USA

Dear Yamato Budogu, Thank you for spoiling and taking such good care of me! I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the quality of service and craftsmanship that you provide. I received my Sunuke kodachi and Katori bokkens today. They are beautiful and well balanced. I have purchased bokuto from other places and end up using a hand plane to balance them myself. Not anymore! And each time I practice, the craftmanship is a reminder to give it my best. Doomo arigato gozaimashite! Best Regards, Sharron
Keith H. USA

Hello, I received the habaki in the mail today. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you for such quick service.

Y. Atil Netherlands

Konichiwa Yamato Budogu!

Doomo arigato gozaimasu, I am very happy with the products. Good quality items ánd excellent customer service. Thank you for helping and advicing! I will definately recommend your e-shop to others as well
Kind regards, Y. Atil
Jean-Louis M. France

J'ai reçu ce matin ma commade, tout va bien.
Je vous remercie pour votre profesionnalisme et votre gentillesse. Ce fut un plaisir d'avoir affaire a vous car la qualité des vetements que j'ai commandé est irreprochable.
Sayonara, arigato gosaimasu.
John E. Republic of Ireland

Dear yamato budogu,
i have been testing the products i bought from recently and i am pleased to say i am very happy with everything.
The quality and detail of your goods is exellent and the service is great, i will buy from you in the future and recommend
you to all my martial friends, thank you very much. John
Jonathan O.Y. Italia

Estimados miembros de Yamatobudogu:
Deseo agradecerles por la atencion que me han otorgado, hoy me ha llegado mi orden (#1770) y estoy muy satisfecho de los productos recibidos, seguramente de ahora en adelante cuentan con un cliente satisfecho mas. Recomendare vuestro sitio a todos mis amigos y compañeros.
Saludos desde Genova-Italia, Jonathan

James B. USA

I received it today and am very pleased with it. Thank you for taking the time to make sure the
quality was as expected. I am sure I will enjoy many years of Iaido practice with this blade.
Best Regards, James.

Ruud T. Netherlands

Hello, Thank you very much for finding it for us, we really appreciate it. I don't know of many online stores that would go this far to help their customers. I will recommend you to my friends that are also interested in japanese products. Again, thank you very much!
best regards,

Maarten H. (Nidan jodo, Nidan iaido) Netherlands

Dear Madam/Sir,
I would hereby like to inform you that I have received the package in good order. The hakama fits perfect and is of good quality. I will enjoy wearing it during my jodo practice. Many thanks and until next time.
Yours sincerely,

Michael S. Austria

Thank you so much, Yamato Budogu.
If only every company would have such a great customer service.
Be ensured, I will recommend you to all my friends.
Best wishes from Austria,

Albert B. Israel

Dear Yamato Budogu,
Thank you very much for the wonderful sword and shinai you shipped to me recently.

Per B. Sweden

Dear Customer service!
I received my order from you today, the special made Sakiire obi with embroidery and I just want to say thank you once again for helping me with this birthday gift for my Sensei. Special thanks for arranging the beautiful box for the obi to be placed in.
Many great thanks or Domo arigato gozaimasu =)

Лидия Россия

Спасибо, с Вами очень приятно работать!
С уважением,

Ruud T. Netherlands

I recieved the package yesterday, and I'm very satisfied with the sageo and the obi. I'm also really impressed by the time it took to get here, which was probably about three times as short as I'm used to. I'll recommend your shop to my friends and other people that have interest in ordering products from Japan.
Again, thanks a lot. A+ service.

Sean K. Australia

Good Morning,
My Hakama and obi arrived today and I was very impressed with the quality and presentation of your product.  Your customer service team provide excellent help and support and it was a pleasure to do business with you.
I highly recommend your product and your prompt follow up, and would like to take the opportunity to thank you most sincerely.
Kind regards,


Samuel G. Puerto Rico

He recibido la mercancía y estoy muy contento con el servicio y la calidad del producto.


Tom C. USA

Dear Friends,
I recieved the Tsuba, etc., today along with the nice note. The items are beautiful. Thank you very much! I will be looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Best wishes.

Anne W. USA

My order was received today, and I am very pleased with the quality of your merchandise and your careful packing and shipping.  I'll definitely do business with you again!
 Thank you,

Luciano M. Argentina

Saludos !!!! estimado equipo.
Me ha llegado el pedido solicitado (de los tekos y la kyahan). La verdad todo en exceentes condiciones de embalaje y calidad de los porductos solicitados. Agradezco mucho nuevamente su disposicion y su rapidez, eficacia y cordialidad.
Un saludo enorme y hasta la proxima.

Leonie L. Australia

I would like to send my appreciation and many thanks for the excellent and prompt service I recently received from Yamato Budogu Corp. I purchased a Mokkoryu tsuba and I was delighted with the quality and detail of this item. Most fortunately, little alteration was required for it to fit, and exquisitely compliment, my iaito. Domo arigato gozaimasu.


Mauro C. Portugal

Ohayoo gozaimasu! Thank you for your mail.
The Shuriken arrived well and everything is Ok. Thank you for the Kirobako… it is beautiful and very useful.
I will recommend you to my friends.
Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu,

Massimo R. Italy

Dear Customer Service,
I appreciated very much the gift and your service.
The bogu looks high quality and I can't wait to use it.
Thanks again and see you next time

Ilia R. Netherlands

Hello everyone at Yamato,
Yesterday I recived my order. Thanks a lot for the very fast sending of the goods.
I would like to let you know I was suprised by the very high quality. I will surely recomend you to my friends.
Again thanks for the great service.
Kind Regards

Luciano M. Argentina

Estimado equipo de Yamato Budogu,
Todo esta Ok. Tal cual lo esperaba de Uds. Cordiales saludos !!!
No solo sere su cliente como les habia anticipado, sino que tambien los recomendare a todos los participantes de Ninjutsu, de los diferentes dojos que frecuento en mi Ciudad (Buenos Aires).

Saludos desde Buenos Aires - Argentina !!!

Denis Stosic  Croatia

Dear Yamatobudogu,

I wish to thank you for quality of your goods - iaitos, sword bags and tabis.
The quality of Yamatobudogu iaitos are superb, no matter from witch series we choose, "Yamato" or "Minosaka". Iaitos have great balance, and very tight tsukaito wrapping. Habaki and sepas are quality even with cheaper models.Sageo is also very good quality. After trying and practicing with five different iaitos, from five different vendors trough the years, I could make statement that balance and overall quality of your iaitos are excellent!

Overall we are very pleased with communications with customer service, personal care for each of my student wishes, quality of your products and shipment.
Your quality is your best commercial.

We wish you Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year!
Leader of Kendo Iaido Dojo "Karlovac"
Denis Stosic


Gustavo Alfredo Jacinto    Argentina

Tengo el agrado de dirigirme a Uds. a efectos de comentarles mi satisfaccion por la calidad de la armadura y otros accesorios que he recibido en tiempo y forma.
Es realmente muy agradable entrenar con accesorios de calidad como los que uds. comercializan con una exelente asesoramiento.
Muchas gracias.
Gustavo Alfredo Jacinto
Kenmukan Dojo

Альберт С. Россия

Я очень рад и ценю, что в Вашей компании работают чуткие и вежливые сотрудники! Ваше уважительное отношение к клиентам говорит о высоком уровне профессионализма сотрудников компании и отличном качестве предлагаемых товаров!

Luciano M. Argentina

Sinceramente me llena de satisfaccion la prontitud con la que me han respondido el mail que les he enviado y en mi idioma nativo. Esto ya supero  con creces mis expectativas y no hace mas que poner de manifiesto la excelente atencion que Uds. brindan a los practicantes de artes marciales en el Mundo.

Tuve excelentes referencias de Uds, por parte de la gente que ha viajado a Japon para seminarios y/o clases de ninjutsu.
Otra de las cosas a recalcar fue la cordialidad y la informacion remitida en el mail, muy precisa y adecuada y todo en mi mismo idioma. Pensar que ya me estaba preparando para escribirla en ingles y/o en japones (contando con la ayuda de companeros de Dojo que estudian esa bella lengua), y no hizo falta.

Desde ya les aviso que me tendran entre sus clientes, sin ningun lugar a dudas.
Muchas gracias por todo y un saludo muy afectuoso desde el otro lado del Mundo (Argentina) !!!!

Markus M. Switzerland

many thanks for you update, i received the clothes and tsuba and they are very nice to wear:-)

I mounted the tsuba already and it feels nice on my steel-iaito:-)


D. Italy

i appreciate your kindness and disponibility i'll suggest your shop to all my training mate... and to my master too ;-)
thanks again

G. S. Germany

Konnichi-wa, Yamato Team !
yesterday I received the hanten-Jacket. It`s wonderful. Best Quality. Thank you very much !!
I will visit your internet-shop again!
Best Regards from Germany


Thank you very much!!!! I just received my fuchi and kashira from your company
in a word they are PERFECT !!!!!! Excellent quality, excellent workmanship, and fantastic detail!!!
love them, thank you again!


Just to let you know that I received my custom iaido gi and hakama. You guys did a great job. It was well worth the wait. Looking for to doing more bussiness with you. Thank you again. 

K. V. Switzerland

Dear Yamato Budogu, I have recieved my Shinais last Friday and I can not thank you enough for helping me. THEY ARE SIMPLY GREAT.I can for sure tell you that you got yourself another customer for life. Keep on the good work. Yours sincerely,

M. P. Austria 

Dear Yamato Budogu Team! Hakama arrived today - I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much. Will buy from you again. Best regards,

S. G. Israel

Dear Yamato, Thank you very much for the hakama, I have received it at the end of last week and I'm most satisfied with it.  I love it!! So thank you very much for the hakama! I'll make sure to continue working with you whenever I'll need one of your products. Arigato gozaimashita.

D. S. Croatia

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your effort to find me suitable tsuba and information. You are very professionall and have great customer service. Thank you kindly dear Sir. Best regards from Croatia,

M. M. Switzerland 

Dear Customer Service, many thanks for your delivery i got all of it today with the mail, with lightning speed :-) This was really a happy day. i just tried the protectors for some 1.5 hours and they feel just great. The kote and shinais look just great and i'm very happy about these fine products. thank you again for your service, i'm sure there will be more orders, as my collection and studies keep growing:-) best regards and have nice day greetings from Zurich,
A. C. Australia

Hello, Just received my iaido Gi and obi today. Very impress with the quality. Worth the wait. Thanks. Will definitely puchase more items in your shop in the future. Regards,
H. J. Denmark

Dear sirs I am most happy with my new hakama, light and nice, as expected. Looking forward to this weekends practice. I will absolutely come back in time, when I’m going to “upgrade” I will recommend your company to all my fellow aikidoka. Best service, I’ve had so far on the net. Thank you for a great service. Best regards,
P. N. United Kingdom

Hello I received yesterday the package. I thank you very much It is a pleasure to deal with you. Best regards,

W.P.R. Singapore

Hi, I have recieved my order today. I'm very happy with the Gi and Hakama. Thank you very much. Sincerely,


Thank you, I just want to thankyou for your excellent customer service, I know that buisness does not always go as planned and service is what makes the difference.
I. M. B. Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for mailing again. The order has arrived me and tabis and socks are fitting perfectly. I´m very happy and contently because your efforts and send you very best regards from Germany,
D. B. Switzerland

Hello, The package just arrived. All is OK, thank you for fast and good service. I like the quality of your goods. Best regards,

Hi It is July 1 and I have just received my Hakama. The quality is excellent as I expected . Thank you very much for your hard work.
S. M. Canada

Hi I have just receive the Iga ryu shuriken. WOW thank you,

E. R. G. Mexico

Hola!!! Hace unas horas me llego el paquete que ustedes tan amablemente me hicieron llegar. El motivo de este mensaje es para agradecerles y para felicitarlos por la increible calidad de sus productos y equipos para artes marciales. Yo personalmente estoy muy satisfecho y no dudare en recomendarlos a ustedes y a sus productos ya que soy miembro de Bujinkan con sede en Japon. Otra vez les agradezco sus atenciones y amabilidades para conmigo. Gracias y les mando un abrazo desde Mexico!!
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